Evil Geniuses Looks Dominate Against Spacestation Gaming On R6PL Play Day #9

September 18, 2018

Two weeks earlier in the Pro-League season, we watched Spacestation Gaming (SSG) take an impressive 6-4 victory over Evil Geniuses (EG). This win came after SSG struggled against the likes of SK Gaming, Rogue and Noble eSports in the previous weeks. It appeared that SSG was back in the swing of things as they then proceeded to 6-2 Noble eSports in their Day 8 re-match, earning the team a 2nd place standing within the league. Last night, the second half of the season continued for SSG as they re-matched a 3rd place Evil Geniuses squad. This time, getting a much different result.


(2) Spacestation Gaming vs Evil Geniuses (3)


Map: Consulate

Sides:     SSG - Attack     EG - Defense

Community Vote:     SSG Win 16%     Draw 9%     EG Win 75%

 Operator Bans:     SSG - Pulse & Lion     EG - Mira & Thermite

Notables: EG subs Necrox in for nvK


Spacestation starts the game with a lead narrowly winning their attack on the downstairs Garage / Kitchen bomb site. On round 2, EG decides to switch up the sites and opts to go upstairs to CEO / Projector. SSG quickly gets control of Front Lobby and Piano rooms on 1st floor and begins to open strategic holes in the roof above, but not without losing Chala to an early pick by Necrox. As the round progresses, SSG makes no further progressions and EG holds steady around site. Rampy (Glaz) and Redeemer (Hibana) decide to start to push the B site in CEO from the outside windows as the time starts ticking down. As the smokes and offensive push comes in, EG swiftly answers back by opening their defensive castle doors and throwing smoke canisters. This overwhelms Rampy and Redeemer and leaves the other two SSG members useless on first floor. EG ties the map up 1-1.


Round 3 is where I think things start to fall apart for SSG. This round, EG decides to return to the Garage / Kitchen downstairs site. SSG decides to use a common attack strategy, attempting to take control of Front Lobby and Piano to have full vertical control of the site. EG counters this by reinforcing and placing Geo (Echo) inside the 1st floor bathroom. Necrox (Jaeger) and Canadian (Vigil) support Geo by lingering between Yellow Stairs and 3rd Floor with open hatches. As SSG attempts their Front Lobby and Piano take, Geo is able to take out Bryan from SSG early in the push. This severely slows down the attacking push from SSG, especially as they gain information on Canadian and Necrox roaming around the map. SSG seem to completely lose all commitment to their push and ultimately lose the round as they each get picked off. EG now takes the lead with a 2-1 round count.


The next 3 rounds tell the same story as round 3. Spacestation seems to lack a commitment to their push as they continue to get stalled out once they get inside the building. EG plays off this hesitation by wasting time and forcing SSG to make their push in the final seconds of the round, all while Canadian and Necrox roam around the map getting picks. At the end of the first half, EG hold the lead 4-1. As sides switch and Spacestation moves to Defense, they get help from Ubisoft as Geo from EG gets disconnected. SSG chooses to defend the Garage / Kitchen downstairs site in their first defending round. EG choose to attack by pushing from the Server / Visa Office side of the map. As they push into the building, they manage to single out gunfights and bring the round to a 2v1 in EGs advantage. Chala (Bandit) is left as the last player on SSG in site but manages to win the 1v2 as both EG players push from separate areas. Score is now 4-2 in EG's favor.


The next 2 attacking rounds, EG seems to be a bit hesitant with their pushes as a team but individual plays by EG members make a big impact in both rounds. In Round 7, SSG chooses to defend the Front Lobby / Piano sites. At first, EG decides to approach this by pushing the upstairs Admin Office and pushing to take out any players looking through hatches above. They do take control of Admin pretty quickly but get slowed down as they approach Theater and Mid-Desk. The majority of the team move back to Front Lobby door while Canadian (Ying) remained lingering upstairs. As the Front Lobby push came in, Canadian makes a play on Theater room upstairs by flashing the Smoke player who was playing hatch and ultimately picking up 2 kills while his teammates plant the defuser. Round 8 proves similar as the EG attack on the 3rd floor sites stalls on the windows. Necrox then makes a huge solo-play with Ash, pushing the Yellow Stairs and getting 2 kills while the rest of his team begins to smoke and plant the defuser in the B site. EG ultimately takes the match 6-2.


 (Source: https://twitter.com/Siege_GG)


In conclusion, Spacestation left me a bit disappointed in this weeks match up against Evil Geniuses. Their attack seemed lacking and it appeared as though they were almost scared to clear roamers or be aggressive on certain parts of the map. Maybe the team just wasn't clicking last night, or maybe they just aren't comfortable on Consulate. EG on the other hand played as expected and I think they did a wonderful job playing off of SSG's hesitation and instead of getting over aggressive like less experienced teams, they stayed back and forced SSG to make their pushes last second. As for EG's attacks, they seemed to be lacking some communication as it took a while for their strats to develop but their confidence and individual skill allowed for them to adapt throughout the round. We'll have to see how Spacestation prepare for their next week match against Rogue as a loss to them can very well put them in the bottom half of the standings.






Written & Edited by: Chandler J. McFall - https://twitter.com/Osiris_T1


Published by: Tier 1 Apparel LLC - https://twitter.com/Tier1Apparel & Tier 1 Esports - https://twitter.com/Tier1EsportsGG


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