Fortnite Announces $10,000,000 Prize Pool "Fall Skirmish" Competition

September 11, 2018


It's no question that Epic Games shocked the gaming community when they first announced the "Summer Skirmish" competition which featured an $8,000,000 prize pool across 8 weeks of competition. What's even crazier, is that this is only a small percentage of the large $100,000,000 worth of prize money that Epic Games promised for the 2018 year. This sheer amount of prize money puts Fortnite on track to be the largest esport in the world, trumping titles such at Call of Duty, Overwatch, and even Dota 2.



After the "Summer Skirmish" competition came to a close in late September, players were left wondering what else Epic Games had in store for it's competitive community. Today, Epic Games answered any questions by announcing their upcoming "Fall Skirmish" competition which will be featuring an even bigger prize pool in a shorter time period with $10,000,000 dollars being awarded to participants during only 6 weeks of competition. 




While this announcement has left most of the Fortnite community excited for the upcoming competitions, many have also showed concern about how Epic Games will handle the competition's structure. One Twitter user (@LachlanYT) asked: "Will Australians get invited to this one?". This comment received over 1,800 favorites in just 6 hours and prompted community discussion on the fact that the previous "Summer Skirmish" only featured players from North American and European regions. It's also not currently known if amateur players will be able to qualify for the "Fall Skirmish" or if Epic Games will decide to carry over their Invite Only format that was used in the "Summer Skirmish". Not to worry though, as Fortnite also said in their tweet that "major details" regarding the "Fall Skirmish" will be posted later this week. Time will tell what Epic Games has learned from their previous competitions and what they choose to do for the "Fall Skirmish". Whatever is decided, you can count on us to cover all the details once they're announced.






Written & Edited by: Chandler J. McFall -


Published by: Tier 1 Apparel LLC - & Tier 1 Esports -


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