Console Pro Series: The Next Big Thing For Console Fortnite Players?

September 6, 2018


It's no question that Fortnite players on console, especially Xbox, feel left out when it comes to the competitive scene. Epic Games' recent "Summer Skirmish" featured 8 weeks of competition with $8,000,000 worth of prize money being awarded to participants. However, this competition was under lots of controversy since it's announcement due to it's invite only format which proved to favor mostly PC players. This has left console players wondering if Epic Games will offer equal opportunities for it's console communities. While the console community awaits for an official statement from Epic Games, the lack of competitive opportunities for players has allowed for third-party organizations to take root in the Fortnite scene and start offering open competitions for amateur players. The newest of these being an organization known as "Console Pro Series" or "CPS" for short.


Console Pro Series is a newly established event hosting organization with it's focus on the console Fortnite competitive scene. It's creators are no stranger to Fortnite as they are passionate players themselves. The creators behind Console Pro Series decided to create CPS to provide players with an active competitive environment in which players from all skill levels can freely compete for prizes. CPS has recently announced their first official competition for Xbox Fortnite players in the form of a league, known as the "Grassroots League". Since the creation of CPS and the announcement of the Grassroots League, CPS has gained over 700 members in their official Discord ( and has been extremely well receipted by the community.


Fortunately, I was able to talk with the guys behind Console Pro Series ahead of the Grassroots League to get a better look at what we can expect from the organization. Below are some of the highlights from the conversation.


Question: How would you describe CPS and what you guys do to someone who has never heard of you?


Answer: "Console Pro Series is an organization that brings currently only xbox players together to compete in leagues, tournaments and more. We plan on expanding to PS4 in the near future to bring the console scene together - we personally believe console in relation to fortnite competition is neglected by Epic Games. So we’ve taken the liberty of organizing our own system giving console players the ability to play competitively."


Question: What kind of competitions do you guys do and what do you have planned?


Answer: "We currently run league(s) which will eventually further progress into tournaments and more throughout the year. We are on season 2 of our Grassroots League. We have a lot more planned but we’ll be keeping this information inside CPS until we are ready to make an announcement. Just know we have some big things coming."


Question: What is the Grassroots league?


Answer: "The Grassroots League is a free-entry league allowing team(s)/player(s) to play at no cost. It allows teams to get the whole jist of what Console Pro Series is and what competition they’re up against. It’s also the gateway into the Premier League which is still currently underdevelopment as CPS continues to grow."


Question: Why should players favor CPS over other league and tournament host?


Answer: "Players should favor CPS in comparison to other leagues and tournaments hosts because we strive to be better - this is a vague response but don’t worry I’ll be expanding on it. CPS overall strives to be a toxic free environment, which we find a lot of other league and tournaments hosts neglect this. Gaming eSports and competitions have toxic people, this is a well known fact. Our Staff and Management team over at CPS are obligated to solve any issues or conflicts among players and staff. We feel that if the gaming environment has more positive energy than negative - it brings a better resolution all around. But also don’t worry, we do ALLOW competitive talk. It wouldn’t be competitive if we didn’t allow a little trash talk now would it? CPS is also very organized and is planned out to run as smoothly as possible. We have our own countdown bot / code collector which makes our lives easier as well. We strive for organization and feel as this is our biggest key point."


Question: What's the best way for players to get involved with CPS?


Answer: "The best way for players to get involved with CPS is by joining our discord or checking our website! Both display information about our leagues, who and what we are, and more! We’re always looking for new players to join CPS! You can join our discord via: or checkout our website via this link:"


Overall, it was great talking with the people behind CPS and I think they have a real shot at providing some competitive consistency in the console community. It's great to see third-party organizations get involved but it's even better when those organizations last and are passionate about the experience they provide. It's something few organizations can do. Only time will tell if Epic Games decides to start allowing amateur console players within their competitions, but until then, you can count on organizations like CPS to provide your with a place to prepare. 






Written & Edited by: Chandler J. McFall -


Published by: Tier 1 Apparel LLC - & Tier 1 Esports -


Featuring: Console Pro Series -

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