Tier 1 Esports Acquires #4 Ranked Challenger League Xbox Fortnite Team "Not Official" and EU Counter Part

August 21, 2018


Earlier in the year, Tier 1 announced our first official Fortnite team. That squad ended up being a pivotal part of the organization as well as one of the most successful. After the team broke up at the start of summer, Tier 1 has been waiting for it's opportunity to re-enter the scene. That opportunity arose in the form of a team previously known as "Not Official".


Not Official finished the July season of StepOneBR's Challenger League in 4th place, qualifying for next season's Legendary League which is currently the highest level league StepOneBR offers. The team has high ambitions for the upcoming season and are confident in their ability to place well. The team fully signed with Tier 1 Esports on August 18th and will be representing our organization in the upcoming season.


This North American squad wasn't the only Fortnite roster to sign with Tier 1 however. Not Official was also comprised of a young EU branch looking to get in on the action across the pond. After discussing things with Tier 1, it was agreed that both NA and EU rosters would sign with our organization and represent Tier 1 in any upcoming competitions.


We at Tier 1 are beyond excited to get back into the competitive Fortnite scene and even more excited to expand it further by competing in the EU region. We look forward to a highly competitive season within StepOneBR and will be working hard to re-establish our role within the console scene. Congratulations to Prosper, Dynamic, Gnash, Sheer, Fearless, Fortune, Curse and Bxilds on the signing and we can't wait to get to work with you!






Written & Edited by: Chandler J. McFall - https://twitter.com/Osiris_T1


Published by: Tier 1 Apparel LLC - https://twitter.com/Tier1Apparel & Tier 1 Esports - https://twitter.com/Tier1EsportsGG


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