Introducing the Tier 1 Esports EU PUBG Roster: An Interview With Admire

August 20, 2018


If you've followed Tier 1 Esports in the past couple months, you'll know that things have been quiet in relation to our competitive teams. This was due to some restructuring of the organization that has ultimately led us to be a more efficient, well-rounded, and more professional esports organization. Coming out of the re-structure, the Tier 1 Esports staff collectively decided that fielding competitive teams was an important part of our mission moving forward; so the hunt for teams began. As we started our search across several titles we found something we were familiar with in PUBG.


Tier 1 Esports as an organization is no stranger to PUBG. In fact, one of Tier 1 Esports first teams outside of the console platform was a North American PUBG team. This team was under the Tier 1 Esports brand for a few months; competing in several online qualifiers for leagues such as Auzom and GLL. So when we had the opportunity to talk to a promising EU PUBG roster, we were excited about the possibilities that could come with re-entering the scene.


The captain of this EU team, Admire, stood out to us due to his pure passion for PUBG and competition. Just by talking to Admire, we could sense that he had the natural form of a leader and we knew that this was someone that we wanted leading the charge back into PUBG. After talking to Admire and the rest of the team, it was clear that we had the same ambitions and it only felt natural that we worked together. Fast forward a few days and we are now announcing our competitive EU PUBG team: Admire, BigL, Nikkolayk and SlothKing. We were able to talk to Admire and ask him questions regarding the team and their signing with Tier 1 Esports. Here is what he had to say:





Chandler: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who you are, your past experiences in esports, etc.


Admire: My name is Martin, also known as ''Admire''. I am 17 years old, and I was born in Pazarjhik Bulgari. However, for the past few years I have been studying in the UK. I started gaming when I was 6 years old with my first game ever being Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It was the first time I got my self immersed in another world. It wasn't until the age of 14 where I started finding my competitive edge in League of Legends. Afters years of hard work, I managed to reach the top 0.002% of the players in my region. I competed with a few Bulgarian Teams, and even lead my own roster. However, due to financial problem's and a lack of seriousness between the players, I soon quit the game.


Chandler: What got you into competitive PUBG?


Admire: Well, after I lost my passion for league I also lost my passion for competing in eSports as a whole. I had switched to CS:GO where I rested between Supreme & Global, and I soon found out that I was year's behind some of the players. I tried Overwatch and actually managed to reach Masters in my first 120 hours. However a week after that I was once bored again, complaining there isn't anything fun to play. It was like that for a while, until Nikolai a.k.a Nikolayk0 introduced me to PUBG. At first I was completely garbage as I wasn't used to the game play, but I continued to try and get better. It wasn't until one day I played with one of my friends from college and he complimented me and suggested I should try and go pro. Hundreds of hours later here I am, trying to make a career just like most of the other semi-pro players out there. The scene is young and so is the game, so I still see a future in the industry.


Chandler: Tell us a bit about the team. Who are the players, who does what role on the team, how'd you meet, etc.


Admire: So far we have Nikolayk0, MikeRolfe97 (BigL), myself and Slothking. As for right now I play the IGL (In-Game-Leader) and depending on the situation I flex to Flanker/Fragger. Mike and Niko are our fist & hammer. they are both incredible aimers, and are extremely aggressive which I believe sometime's give us an edge over some teams. Slothking is our support, he is incredibly selfless and patient and he has played with some of us for hundreds of hours. You can always count on him to think about the teams success rather than his own.


Chandler: What are some of the overall goals as a team?


Admire: So far the team's main goal is proving that even though we are a newer team within the scene, our hard work and dedication to improving as a roster will help us find success. Of course winning some money along the way doesn't sound bad either!


Chandler: What player on the team do you think has the most potential?


Admire: I would personally say Niko. The amount of pure skill he has for the amount of hours he has played is just crazy. I haven't played with a better aimer than him in this game, and his reaction time mixed with controlled aggression, makes him a deadly threat. It makes my job as an IGL easier knowing that I can send him on his own and he'll be fine.


Chandler: What really sold you on the idea of signing with Tier 1? It's no question that Tier 1 is still a relatively small org in size, so what made Tier 1 feel different from other organizations that you could have worked with?


Admire: The seriousness and hard work of the Staff ! I have been in different organisations where I have noticed that the staff simply care about their own benefit, and not the actual well being and future development of their players. However, with Tier 1 I feel like the staff team is being really supportive and doing their best to provide us with what we need, to start serving Chicken Dinners.






Written & Edited by: Chandler J. McFall -


Published by: Tier 1 Apparel LLC & Tier 1 Esports -


Martin "Admire" Arabov -


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