R6TV League Discusses Toxicity, Recent Controversy and the Upcoming Season

November 29, 2017

 The R6TV League is back from the dead and offers many Xbox players the long awaited chance to compete again. R6TV League is owned and operated by a well known figure in the Xbox community known as Glenn (@Glenn_R6). The league first began early in Year 2 Season 1 of Rainbow 6 and it was among the first leagues to be offered to players outside of ESL. After the first season, Glenn and his staff merged with an upcoming league known as Console League to create the United Console League or UCL. After much controversy and the recent announcement that UCL would no longer continue after Season 2, Glenn decided it was time to go back to the roots and bring back R6TV League. We had a chance to ask Glenn a few questions ahead of the leagues start on December 11th, this is what he had to say.


Q: What is the R6TV League and what separates it from other console leagues?


Glenn: The R6TV League is an amateur competitive Rainbow Six Siege league for Xbox in North America. This will be the second season of the R6TV League. The first season was in the early summer of 2017, prior to the arrival of the United Console League that captured the marker for NA Xbox. With UCL discontinuing its offerings, we are stepping back up to provide NA Xbox with another competitive league. I would say the main thing that separates it from other leagues is the fact that teams have to be invited to participate. This is not a purely sign up and you are in type of league. Our decision makers have tried to pick teams that have proven to not only be competitive in the scene, but also have proven to have some character. There have probably been roughly 35 teams that have contacted me, and only 16 will end up playing.


Q: What are you most excited for this season?


Glenn: I'm most excited to see which underdog team steps up and makes a name for themselves in the community. Every amateur league season it seems like 1 or 2 teams that have been flying under the radar step-up and make a name for themselves by beating a few of the big name teams. I love to see it when teams that have grinded get to reap the rewards of their hard work.


Q: How will R6TV League benefit both players and organizations looking to get into the scene?


Glenn: It will give exposure and give teams a chance to compete. It will benefit organizations through exposure. We plan to have roughly 30 matches casted this season, between regular season and playoffs. On casted streams in the past, we have averaged anywhere from 50-120 viewers concurrently. So orgs and players alike will get some exposure. It will also benefit players who may be trying to qualify for major league by giving them a platform to get 7 best of 3 map matches in against high quality opponents. I would bet that 5 or 6 of season 4's major league teams will be playing in this league.


Q: There has been some controversy over the league being an invite only league, without using qualifiers, statistics and past team performances to choose teams. What made you choose this route and how were teams decided?


Glenn: Okay, well first things first, anyone who questions the gameplay quality of the teams in this league should be dismissed. We have 16 teams, all of whom are respected in the community for their gameplay. Now for why it is invitational style and not purely just signing up. The first answer is I wanted the league to be small. My original vision was only 10 teams; it has expanded to 16. The way I like to run my leagues is VERY detail oriented. I like to make sure all of the teams in the league feel like their questions and concerns are handled. I want every team to get publicity. I want the teams in our league to feel loved, for lack of a better word. If I tried to do any more than 16 teams I would lose quality for quantity, and that is just not what I am about. So then when I establish that 16 teams is the most teams I'm willing to take, then I have 35~ teams contact me, I have decisions to make. So then I decide what's most important to me and what I think should be in the league that we will run. I decided that a healthy balance between teams that have proven to have high quality gameplay with a mixture of teams that have proven to be good people was going to be best for this league.


Q: You've been very public about your stand against toxicity in and out of the league. Do you think toxicity has reached a point where certain teams and players should be excluded from competing? If so why?


I do believe toxicity has gotten to a point where certain teams will be excluded from competing, at least in R6 TV League. I have no grounds to tell any other league what to do, and I wish those people the best of luck in those leagues, but there are certain people who will not be invited to the R6 TV League because of their actions and words over the past 2 years now. Toxicity on Xbox, keep in mind I have no experience on PC or PS4, has always been around. To be honest, it is disgusting. Between shit talking, DDossing, etc. it has grown to the levels that make people quit Xbox purely because of the toxicity. Hell, I know of somebody who was imitated on Twitter because somebody wanted a free Go4 weekly tournament win. This is a main reason why I'm glad we are able to handpick teams. I will not say the league will be without toxicity, because I'm sure we will have a case or 2, but the viewers and teams in the league can rest assured that any toxicity inside the R6 TV League will be handled swiftly and with force.


Q: What would you like to see within the Xbox community and where do you see the Xbox competitive scene going in the near future?


I would obviously love to see the Xbox community become less toxic. However, I am a realist and unfortunately I don't see that happening. It seems to only get worse and not better. With regards to the competitive scene: I would at least like the competitive scene to get less toxic. Our league will do its best to try to help reach that goal. In terms of growth: I don't see Xbox comp growing. It would be great if they would do another year of majors. It will also be great if our league and other leagues like GEL are a success. If Xbox comp can reach a steady plateau, while also decreasing toxicity, that would be a great thing.


Thank you to Glenn for the interview. You can follow Glenn on Twitter @Glenn_R6 and you can follow the R6TV League @R6TVLeague. What do you think about some of the questions or answers in this article? Tell us what you think on Twitter @Tier1eSportsGG.


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