Introducing the Tier 1 eSports Paladins Team

November 29, 2017


Two weeks ago we introduced our newest esport roster at Tier 1, with our new adventure being heading into the scene of competitive Paladins. Our current roster is competing on PC and consists of the following; CBMP who is the captain, one of the IGL’s (In Game Leader) for the team and plays the support champions, LifeWisher who is the secondary IGL and plays tank champions, Tetzio who plays frontline champions, MeltedIcee who is the DPS/Flank player, and Zoom who plays damage and flank champions.


To give a brief rundown of what Paladins is, it’s a is a free-to-play hero shooter video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. Similar to Overwatch in ways considering there are different types of Heroes/Champions and roles on a team.



“Paladins provides various characters, called Champions, for the players to choose during their multiplayer sessions. Each of these Champions fall into one of the following categories: Front Line, Damage, Support and Flank. Being a team-based shooter, players must rely on strategy, character knowledge, coordination and teamwork in order to attain victory. Players may use VGS, along with text and voice chat to communicate. A good team will have a balanced choice of classes that will support each other during the game.” (Paladins Wiki)

Front Line:

Heroes who serve as the anchor of the team, holding the front and protecting their allies. With high health pools and shielding capabilities, Front Line champions excel at blocking enemy fire and disrupting enemy objective captures.


Heroes who possess reliable and consistent damage outputs or large burst damage potential. Their damage, coupled with average health pools and decent mobility, make Damage champions ideal for skirmishes and extended firefights.


Champions with high utility and healing abilities, the backbone of any team. Due to their healing capabilities that keep their allies in the fight, Support champions are invaluable allies.


Champions who excel at traversing the battlefield and getting behind enemy lines, eliminating vulnerable key targets. While most Defense heroes are relatively frail, having lower health pools than any other role, their excellent mobility and self-sustain provide them with the means of escape and survival.


We went more in-depth with our Paladins roster on their roles with the team, how they play each role, a timeline of Paladins competitions, and what our rosters expectations are during their current Paladins competitions.



Q: Can you give a layout of what your role on the team is and what your role does?




I play Frontline champions, usually the more passive frontlines. Frontlines are high health champions with shields that push the enemy and hold the frontline in matches, so basically pushing forward and being aggressive torwards the enemy team. The front lines I play the usually are Inara and Terminus but my favorite champion is Ash.



I play the main front liner(tank) role for our team, tank champions generally have shields and high HP pools and can soak up damage while trying to create space for the rest of the team. I typically play the aggro tanks which can sometimes mean getting into the enemy back line. Other than that I'm primarily our in game lead and do a lot of the shot calling.



I am a dps/flank player. i play the damage/flank characters. The damage characters are low health high damage characters that typically have relatively low mobility. Flanks are low health characters with high damage as well but they have high mobility. For the most part I play the blast damage characters for the team. If needed and we play with two supports I tend to play the second support.



I mostly play damage or flank champions on the team. My role is chipping down enemy tanks' health, taking out the enemy support and damage, or counter flanks from the other team, in short, killing or eliminating the enemy team as fast as possible (kill means finishing off an enemy, elimination is assisting in killing an enemy). I play all classes of champions out of scrims because i just enjoy it, also the best way to counter any champion is to actually play him/her so i can have a grasp how to counter that champion.



In game I play the support role for the team and secondary shotcaller. The support class aren't known for their damage output (even tho i've been known to frag in our casual matches) but offer more utility and have heal abilities not found in other classes. I'm usually in our backline feeding my team information along with telling them when to push the enemy and when to retreat a bit. Typically if you can kill the enemy team's support first you'll have a decent advantage over the other team. So the support knowing how to defend themselves but also know when you call for your team's help is very important.

In the Paladins game mode Siege, the gamemode used for competitive play, you have to capture a small area, the "point" as NA calls it, and as you do so a cart spawns. To score a 2nd point for your team you must push the cart a certain distance (different on each separate map) to the new zone. If you fail to do so then the other team gets a point. First team to 4 points wins. You can not win off a defensive point, therefore if the score is 3-3, the next team to capture the "point" wins. As the support player, once we capture the "point" it's usually my job to walk with the cart and escort it as far as I can while my teammates push up, be aggressive and make as much space for us to push the cart before another teamfight is forced.

Outside of the game I'm the captain of the team and main strategist/coach. Which mostly entails me to find our team scrims, sign us up for tournaments and make sure everyone knows the times for those events so we all make it. On the other side of what I do. I usually make mock drafts and try to come up with every possible situation the match could go and decide if that draft is worth trying out. Along with watching pro games and dissecting them so we can learn off of them. After scrims I go over where I feel we struggled, what and where we did poorly and ask my team their opinions.



Q: Can you guys layout what competitions are coming up, prize pools, expectations/goals you have as a team and for oneself, and just a general introduction and timeline of PC paladins?




We were recently part of the PCCL. The Paladins Community Competitive League. Unfortunately a bunch of teams dropped out so they had to cancel season 4, they'll pick back up in season 5 which we will probably join once again.


Other than that, upcoming tournaments that we are looking to play in are weekly/daily tournaments hosted by uproar and other outlets with only in game crystal payouts.

The biggest competition we plan to venture into very soon is the PGS, the Paladins Global Series. The PGS is for amateur teams that are looking to play at a professional level. It is the step right below the PPL, Paladins premier league which has the 5 WESA org represented teams. Winners of the PGS are awarded with cash payouts, the amount I'm uncertain of.

The expectations/goals we have for this team are to go very far. We're working hard everyday to become better as individual players and teammates so we can become a top tier team in the scene. In time I believe we can become a top team.

For myself I want to be considered one of the best players in this game.
This full roster has been together for I want to say about a few months now. I myself joined about 2 months ago and the core of the roster, Coolbreeze, Zoom, and Life have been together for about a year now. I've been playing this game for about 8 months. I can't speak for everyone else on that regard because I'm not sure how long they've been playing.Coolbreeze and Myself have reached masters ranked and the others are all high diamond, soon to be masters.


We scrim for about 2-3 hours a day and we spend a lot of time outside of scrims playing, practicing what we need to get better at to benefit the team and thinking of different strats and how to improve upon our mistakes in our scrims to improve ourselves.


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