One on One With Onslaught Clan's Seasoned Veteran and Pro R6 Player, Dalycan

November 15, 2017


     With the Pro League season coming to a close and Challenger League wrapping up, there were 4 teams left standing in hopes to make it into the Pro League. Both Flipsid3 and World’s Best Gaming saw themselves having to make it out of relegations in hopes of returning to the Rainbow Six Pro League, but the likes of Reckless and Onslaught Clan stood in their way. Flipsid3 were the heavy favorites heading into their relegation match due to experience and the addition of Jarvis to the team, in which they came out on top over Reckless.


     The other relegation match was more of a wild card as people were predicting WBG to come out of relegations and return to Pro League but Onslaught Clan had different plans as they pulled the upset 2-1 over WBG. Onslaught Clan is a team filled with seasoned veterans who have spent several season in the Pro League and were even Challenger League winners last season before ultimately losing their relegation match to 1nfamy. Onslaught had a ton of questions heading into the Challenger League season but they ultimately fought through it and are being rewarded for their perseverance. The road throughout Challenger League this season for Onslaught was not easy as they dropped a match early on in the season. The rundown of their Challenger League season was a 2-1 vs VexX, a 1-2 loss vs Intensity, a 2-0 win vs Evolution, a 2-1 win vs Vertical Gaming, with a statement Finals win in a  2-0 vs Reckless the other relegation team. Which ultimately led to their relegation win of a  2-1 vs WBG.


One seasoned veteran for Onslaught, Dalycan, was able to give me a rundown of how their season went and their preparation leading into their relegation match.


Q: Let's get a rundown of your accolades so far. This will be your second time in PL, correct?


This will be my 5th Pro League season, 6th if you count closed qualifiers for invitationals. Astral Authority, Empire Esports, Ferocity x2(invitationals), and Onslaught


Q: You guys won Challenger League last season as well?


Yes! We won with Talon, P3NG1N, myself, Krazy and Bosco.


Q: Who'd you guys lose to in relegations?


We lost to 1nFamy.


Q: That's right. Heading into this Challenger League season what was the number one thing you wanted to work on to get your way back into PL?


The beginning of the season was actually really hard for us and getting back to PL actually wasn't even really our first goal. We had SnakeNade and he was picked up by eRa a week before the season started, then the night before the first PL game we got a rumor that we were potentially going to lose Yellow as well. We spent the beginning of our season scrambling and trying to find replacements and learning/creating strats. We were mostly just focused on winning one game at a time and the big picture was only in the back of our minds. We totally understood the roster move made by Snake and also the potential loss of Yellow, because in reality we are only in Challenger League to play in Pro League so when they were getting called up we just took it as part of the process but it was definitely hard to focus and mesh as a team.


Q: Did Yellow end up staying?


Yes! He decided in the end he was going to turn down any options because he wanted to grind it out with us, which was probably the first piece of the puzzle that helped us start to trust each other.


Q: Trust and chemistry. Crucial in a team game like Rainbow. When did it hit you guys that you were most likely going to be winning Challenger League & who did you think was your biggest competition in CL?


We thought our hardest competition was going to be Intensity and they did actually beat us in group stage. We were very impressed when Reckless was able to knock them off but we felt that our map pool worked really well against Reckless so that's why we weren't as worried about them in particular. The week leading up to our game against EVO i think was when we really just start clicking and beating teams pretty heavily in scrims. After that victory was the first time we started looking into weeks in the future, before that, like I said was one week at a time.


Q: I know a lot of people have complained about the CL Format, is there anything you'd change about it?


I honestly don't think that the current format is horrible for a Challenger League. It's not right for Pro League however. Currently the skill/experience gap between CL teams is different than the the skill/experience gap between PL teams. Pro League needs to be an actual league.


Q: I think PL should be how it used to be during Year 1. Every team plays everyone and best two records make it out. Looking ahead to your match against WBG, were you guys hoping to pull WBG over Flipsid3 or did it really matter for you guys?


Yes we really did want WBG more the F3, mostly because of my one gripe with CL having to do with relegation. the 7th and 8th seed teams don't play each other during PL then they come into relegation seeded which i think is crap. They say because the group A team is the better team without them even playing each other. So last season we beat WBG(CORE) in the CL finals then they went on the play OMEN, who we thought was the easier team and we had to play 1nF and we we were pretty salty about that lost opportunity. So when we were given the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we should have been in PL last season we were very excited to get that chance.


Q: Kind of pulled the upset, I know a few people were shocked to see that you guys won. What went into your guys' preparation for WBG?


I have heard some people say that we pulled an upset, maybe mostly because they were the pro team and we were the challenger team? Like i said the last time we played each other we beat them and we didn't feel like they were the better team. The preparation all week was basically "play our game" we said it over and over again. They have almost a full roster of entry fraggers and we knew that they were going to want to play fast and loose. We just knew that if we could slow down rounds and play smart that we should win.


Q: Do you think they made the right move in going with a roster change or do you think they should have stuck it out?


I think their roster moves player for player were smart moves if we weren't playing R6S. OGRoad and Krazy are both great aimers and players. However, they left themselves with a roster that didn't make sense to me personally. They didnt have a traditional lineup you see in siege. Entry/roame rx2, flex, support/anchor x2. They seemed to us like Entry/roamer x4, support/anchor.


Q: What's your guys' next move with the next PL season a ways away? Invitational Qualifiers?


First thing is we still have to play our seeding match vs F3 for 7th or 8th spot for Y3S1 which will be done off stream this week. After that we will be focusing on the Invitational Qualifiers in hopes of making the closed qualifiers!


Q: How are you guys feeling heading into the seeding match?


Flipside is a very strong team but we will always go into a match believing that we will win. We are excited to start playing Pro teams again and we will hit them with everything we got.


Q: What’s something you’d change on the esports side of Siege?


I think the first thing that needs to go is the 'coin flips' that occur. I hate that some close games are decided because one team luckily got defense first in OT in a defensive game. Both teams are giving everything they got but then the game almost feels decided by the computer and not the game play...that's very frustrating as a player.


Q: What would be a more preferred replacement for it?


I would really like to see a system where it is either win by 2 or swap sides and replay map (so if you had defense then you have to play attack first).


Q: I feel you, that makes sense. With Evil Geniuses entering the R6 scene, what do you think this means for Rainbow moving forward?


I think this is a great opportunity for the game to grow and get exposure. The player base keeps growing and with the support of major organizations like EG i think we will see the longevity of this game increase and possibly grow into the eSport we always have thought it has deserved to be!


Q: With EG entering do you see other big name organizations following suit, such as OpTic, nV, and others?


I would love to see other big organizations get involved with rainbow 6, and i think they should. This game is so different from the other fps games out there. I think that the viewership of the invitational is going to be what the rest of the organization will wait for so i hope a ton of people come and watch!


Q: I think with the prize pool rising each season it will most definitely be attractive for other Top Tier organizations to enter the scene. Just think there needs to be more LANs.


Yea more LANs would be amazing! It would be really cool to see regional LANs along with world LANs.


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