R6S: UCL Week 4 Predictions

October 30, 2017

 First off, let me say that if you are new to this weekly prediction series or just new to UCL in general, I highly recommend you go read the previous article about Week 2 predictions. This will just help give you an idea of how the series works without me having to re-explain it every week or reintroduce teams. Now let's get started with Week 4's predictions!


So Week 2 was a week where there were still a ton of questions on the table about each of the teams. Not many teams have had on-screen playing time and if they have it's been relatively short notice so it's hard to catch them all. Overall, I went 6 - 6 which I think is pretty good for a first time if I say so myself. Let's see if we cant be more accurate this week now that we know a bit more about the teams competing.


(Warning: Some team names have changed since Week 2)


Pool A


(3 - 0) Advent 10.0 vs MaxlmumDyNasty (1 - 1)

Prediction: Advent 2-0


     Ok, maybe I underrated Advent's talent. Or maybe I just overrated their opponent in Week 2. Either way, Advent is a team that has emerged from the depths this season and are currently 3 - 0 and have already qualified for playoffs. Maxlmum on the other hand had a rocky start and will need to work hard but maybe they can catch Advent sleeping.


(1 - 1) Rush R6 vs God Bless (1 - 1)

Prediction: God Bless 2-0


     This is a big match for both these teams as they are both 1-1 and another loss most likely puts them out of the playoff run. However, God Bless is filled with players with Major League experience and I think they'll be too much for Rush R6 to handle.


(0 - 3) offBrand - Bye Week


Pool B


(2 - 0) Tier 1 Blue vs Team Cyclone (2 - 1)

Community Prediction: Tier 1 Blue 2-0


     To avoid bias this week, I put up a short poll on Twitter to gauge what the community thought would happen. 42% of our votes were that Tier 1 Blue would 2-0 Team Cyclone. Another loss for Team Cyclone likely puts them out of the Playoff chase. Guess we shall see!


(1 - 1) Beefy Business vs Banzai (1 - 1)

Prediction: Beefy Business 2-0


     Beefy had to forfeit last weeks match due to not having a roster ready. I don't know the details of that situation, but if it's the Beefy Business we know it's a 2-0 for sure.


(0 - 3) Patriots.TG - Bye Week


Pool C


(2 - 0) sMpL Gaming vs SimpLicity eSports (2 - 0)

Prediction: sMpL Gaming 2-1


     SimpLicity is a super fiery squad but it seems they've had their fair share of inconsistencies. sMpL on the other hand has been the mid-season sMpL we've come to expect and look to be clicking on all cylinders. I think SimpLicity has the talent to make it a tough match, but sMpL's structure wins it in the end.


(1 - 1) Tier 1 Black vs Punks Gaming (1 - 2)

Community Prediction: Tier 1 Black 2-0


     Our 12 hour poll concluded this morning and the final result was that 46% of you voted that Tier 1 Black would win 2-0. If we combine the 32% of you that voted that Tier 1 Black would win 2-1, that's a combined total of 78% of you who voted that Tier 1 Black would win.


(0 - 3) LeGiT Gaming - Bye Week


Pool D


(2 - 0) Chiraq eSports vs Black Knights (2 - 1)

Prediction: Black Knights 2-1


     Black Knights struggled Week 3. After the match, a few players talked about their lack of practice leading into the match. I hope it was a hard lesson learned as they still haven't secured that playoff spot. If they prepare for this match, I think Black Knights will be able to top Chiraq. 


(1 - 1) Pnda Gaming vs Eucatastrophe (1 - 1)

Prediction: Pnda Gaming 2-0


     Pnda put on a show against Black Knights, a team many would consider as one of the best currently. Also, a player from Eucatastrophe known as Trakn has recently announced that he is taking a break from Siege until the end of UCL. This puts his team in a tough spot as Trakn was considered one of their top players.


(0 - 3) Ferocity eSports - Bye Week


Pool E


(2 - 0) TwistedSin eSports vs InControl (0 - 2)

Prediction: TwistedSin 2-0


     Sorry, but this one doesn't take any second guessing for me. TwistedSin is a stacked lineup in the current scene and if they come to play, InControl will have a hard time just taking a couple rounds.


(2 - 1) Big Baller eSports vs ICE (0 - 2)

Prediction: Big Baller eSports 2-0


     Big Baller eSports is a team that's emerged from the depths for me this season. They seem to have their fundamentals down which is a good indicator of a team that is built to last. ICE is not a terrible team by any means and I think they can make it a tough match, but I think Big Baller just looks like the better organized team currently.


(2 - 1) The THROW SHOW - Bye Week


Pool F


(2 - 0) Canadian Juice Boxes vs Prevail (1 - 2)

Prediction: Prevail 2-1


     You heard it here first, Prevail gets their 2nd win and upsets a 2-0 team. Prevail has veteran talent on their team, they just need to play hard like they did in their Week 3 win against Enraged. Canadian Juice Boxes is a solid team with solid players and I think a lot of people would favor them this match but this is going to be my wild guess of the week.


(1 - 1) PrideX eSports vs Enraged eSports (1 - 1)

Prediction: Enraged eSports 2-1


     This is a HUGE game for both of these teams as the loser could very well be knocked out of the playoff run. I rate both these teams pretty similarly and PrideX has had a lot of recent success, specifically in Go4 cups. However, I think Enraged has proven themselves just a bit more and I think they want this bad enough to take it.


(1 - 2) Tippy Knows - Bye Week

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