R6S: UCL Week 2 Predictions

October 16, 2017

     Season 2 of United Console League has begun! But not without an underlying issue. The league began with 30 teams entered, which is 6 teams short of UCL's original goal of 36 teams divided between 6 Groups/Pools. To compensate, UCL has split the teams into 6 Pools, still with 5 teams in each and a "Bye" in place of the vacant 6th spot of each pool. That being said, UCL now has 30 different teams, all of which have very different skill levels. Some teams are composed of veterans and some teams are composed of players who have never gotten their feet wet in the eSports side of Siege. Overall, I think we have a wide range of teams and players and I think it will ultimately lead to some very entertaining games.


     Week 1 of UCL went well but unfortunately we were not able to cover it in time. Then again, all you really need to know is that both Tier 1 Rainbow 6 teams won their matches and are now 1-0 in each of their pools (shameless plug). Week 2 offers some interesting match-ups and I think it will be a good week to really see what each team is capable of. To keep things simple, I am going to list the match-ups in order by pool along with my prediction. Don't expect too much detail, this is 30 teams we're talking about after all!


Pool A


(1 - 0) Advent 10.0 vs offBrand (0 - 1)

Prediction: offBrand 2-0


     offBrand has a tough match Week 1 but they fought for every round and looked organized. I haven't seen Advent play but they are going up against a well rounded offBrand squad.


(0 - 0) MaxlmumDyNasty vs Rush R6 (0 - 1)

Prediction: MaxlmumDyNasty 2-1


     I have not watched either of these teams and only know a couple players from either teams from the past. What I do know is that Rush R6 lost to Advent 10.0 who I would not have as the strongest team in the pool. I know Blue Drames (Rush R6) is a solid player, lets see how he leads his team into battle against Maxlmum.


(1 - 0) God Bless - Bye Week


Pool B


(0 - 0) Beefy Business vs Team Cyclone (1 - 0)

Prediction: Beefy Business 2-0


     Team Cyclone seem to have a decent roster with some players that can make some flashy plays. I just don't think that will be enough against a talented and experienced Beefy Business lineup.


(0 - 1) Patriots.TG vs Banzai (0 - 1)

Prediction: Patriots.TG 2-1


     Patriots.TG did not have a good showing against Tier 1 Blue. However, I know for a fact they have been active and played in the past Go4 Cups. With Banzai, I have no clue what to expect and it seems like a roster of newer players.


(1 - 0) Tier 1 Blue - Bye Week


Pool C


(1 - 0) Tier 1 Black vs sMpL Gaming (0 - 0)

Prediction: Tier 1 Black 2-1


      Ok, this is slightly biased and I couldn't get a 3rd party educated vote in time so I am going to give the edge to Tier 1 Black. Their roster features some veteran players and they are a new squad hitting the honeymoon phase and I think that will be enough to barely come out on top.


(0 - 1) Take Notes vs LeGiT Gaming (0 - 1)

Prediction: Take Notes 2-0


     Take Notes is a solid roster filled with younger players. If they keep their heads clear and stay cool, clean sweep.


(1 - 0) SimpLicity eSports - Bye Week


Pool D


(1 - 0) Chiraq eSports vs Thee sweatys (0 - 0)

Prediction: Chiraq eSports 2-1


     This is a shot in the dark because Thee sweatys roster is not filled out nor do I know who is on their roster. Guess we will see what happens!


(1 - 0) Evil Within vs W.A.G Gaming (0 - 1)

Prediction: Evil Within 2-0


     Evil Within is proving they are a very capable and serious roster. They took down a very talented upcoming team last week and I think they should be able to get an easier win this week.


(0 - 1) Eucatastrophe - Bye Week


Pool E


(1 - 0) Incognito Papi vs InControl (0 - 1)

Prediction: Incognito Papi 2-0


      I've watched some of InControl Week 1 but they didn't impress me enough to bet on them against the Incognito veterans


(1 - 0) Big Baller Esports vs TwistedSin eSports (0 - 0)

Prediction: TwistedSin eSports 2-0


     Whether you like them or not, TwistedSin is a roster of skilled veterans and this should be an easy clean-up for them.


(0 - 1) No Thumbs - Bye Week


Pool F


(1 - 0) ODA vs Enraged eSports (0 - 0)

Prediction: ODA 2-1


      ODA has some play-makers on their lineup and they took down a veteran filled Prevail lineup. I don't know much about Enraged, but they did do well in the recent Go4. I think these two teams will likely be very similar with how fast they play. 


(0 - 1) Synapse eSports vs Prevail (0 - 1)

Prediction: Prevail 2-0


      I think Prevail's experience and the fact they are coming off a loss hot will be enough to top Synapse. I need to be able to watch Synapse to have a better feel for how they play.


(1 - 0) Canadian Juice Boxes - Bye Week

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