Rainbow 6 Siege: What Happened To The Tier 1 Majors Team AKA Tier 1 Red?

September 21, 2017


     If you've kept up with our involvement in the Rainbow 6 Siege Xbox scene, you know that we've had 2 teams since the beginning going by the names Tier 1 Red and Tier 1 Black. Tier 1 Red managed to qualify for ESL's Major League Season 3 while Tier 1 Black failed to qualify and underwent some roster changes in preparation for UCL Season 2. The Tier 1 Red roster leading into Majors was as follows; Swerve, Prodigy, Savior, Viral and True xF. However, last minute complications plagued the team.


     From what we have been told, the team had problems getting everyone on and practicing regularly in preparation for the league and in times they were able to practice, not everyone on the team was taking the practice seriously. Because of this, the team and Savior mutually decided to part ways and make a roster change. While deciding who to pick up, a veteran player known as Oasis announced he was a free agent and the Tier 1 Red boys decided to jump on the opportunity and try playing with Oasis. During this time, True xF announced that he no longer wanted to play with the team and entered free agency, leaving another spot open on the team. In a roster frenzy and Majors approaching quickly, Swerve and Prodigy tried playing with other players but nothing was clicking. To make matters worse, the roster was locked on the ESL website and players were not allowed to be added or removed from the team and this left Swerve and Prodigy rushing to the admins trying to get them to unlock the roster. During all this, Oasis thought it would be best to move on elsewhere and offered Swerve the opportunity to come with him. This ultimately lead to the team disbanding.


     Currently, there is nothing left of Tier 1 Red and we no longer hold a spot in ESL's Major League Season 3 as Prodigy was the owner of the spot and he is now in free agency. There are speculations that he has made an arrangement with another team and their org so that they can acquire the position in the league. However, these are speculations and we are not certain on how this complies with ESL rules and guidelines. In the end, this was completely an issue within the team and Tier 1 eSports as an organization played no part in the disband. Because of that, there are no hard feelings with any of the players that were on the roster and we wish everyone the best in their future endeavors. If you've ever been a player in this position, then you understand that these things happen and you often need to pursue opportunities that best benefit you as a player.


     We thank all these guys for the opportunity and thank the community as a whole for the support since the beginning. Tier 1 Black will continue playing under the org and now has a strong, stable roster leading into UCL Season 2 under the leadership of Fleer. We hope to soon represent a team competing in the Major League however if the opportunity does not arise then we may look at the possibility of acquiring a second team even if they are not one of the 8 teams competing in Majors. Our love for Rainbow 6 and the Xbox scene remains strong and we plan to be apart of it however we can. Tier 1 isn't going anywhere



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