Introducing Our Tier 1 Battlefield Roster!

August 8, 2017

 Battlefield is a title that hasn't had much of a competitive scene in its lifetime. A community ran league has been started for Battlefield fans, known as the Hardcore League, however this tends to be more for fun then for competition. PezReloaded, the owner and CEO of Pinnacle eSports LLC, is looking to break into the Battlefield scene and offer a truly competitive outlet for Battlefield fans with smaller teams and competitive rule sets to push the game to be as competitive as possible. This is a huge stepping stone for the Battlefield community and Pinnacle eSports has received a lot of praise for bringing a prize pool to the Battlefield scene. This is definitely something we at Tier 1 want to be apart of and that's why we are sponsoring this league and adding to the prizes. However, we want to be even more involved with the Battlefield community and start getting into growing a competitive platoon for players that are serious about competing and being the best.


That's why we are super excited to announce that we have picked up a roster to represent Tier 1 eSports in the upcoming 5v5 Domination league hosted by Pinnacle eSports LLC. While this roster will be representing Tier 1 eSports within the league, these players are part of a larger platoon known as 0HN0 Gaming. To pay respect to 0HN0 Gaming and their players, we are not requiring our players to change their gamer tags or clan tags so you will likely see their "0HN0" tags during matches. We hope that this will be an opportunity to begin our journey into Battlefield and its growing competitive scene.


The roster consist of 5 starting players as well as 3 substitute players


Captain: "LoneyAstronaut"     Co-Captain: "Daviddiggy"     "Drunkin Kranks"     "Theblackcrow000"     "ItsLatinThunder"     "LYONZ z"     "Spmasm"   "The Drew Butler"


Tier 1 eSports is in Division Duff with 3 other teams. "Ace Hulls 2", "Symmetry Gaming", and "Expendables". Through the regular season we will be playing each of these teams twice. Top 2 teams in each division will qualify for playoffs while the bottom 2 teams in each division will have to fight for a Wildcard spot.The regular season starts on August 10th and many games will be casted. Be sure to follow @Tier1eSports on twitter to keep up with all the Battlefield action!

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