Rainbow 6 Siege: United Console League - Mid Season Power Standings

July 25, 2017


     The Xbox One Rainbow 6 Community is one that is now often overlooked by companies and organizations since the "Pro-League", ran by ESL, has been taken away back in 2016. Although many of those who migrated over to PC might claim that it's now "dead", the Xbox scene still boast a variety of casual and competitive players who have either been a fan of the game a long time or just starting to get into it as of recently. But with the disappearance of ESL's large Pro-League prize pool, competitive play has hit a stale point with only a few remaining "Top" teams competing for ESL's Major League $5000 prize pool. Now, the competitive scene has been mostly community driven with a desire to bring players into the competitive scene and offer them a chance to possibly win some money. The United Console League is one of these community driven organizations that has taken like minded competitive enthusiast, and merged them together to offer a stable and professional platform for the community to compete and show off. UCL's first season just kicked off at the beginning of the month and it offers a guaranteed $600 prize pool with $500 going to first place, $50 going to Slayer MVP and $50 going to Support MVP. On top of that, UCL is in the works on getting sponsors and donations to further fund the prize pool. Now that you have a better understanding of the Xbox scene and UCL, lets get into the power standings


Power Standings Management

Remember, these power standings are solely the opinion of the author. Although we try to rank each team based off of recent performances and statistics, we take into account external factors to project a teams 'power' going into the next week.  Standings are subject to change each week. Due to the large amount of teams, only those with significant changes will be discussed. (Reminder: Each team plays 5 matches in pool play, playing each of the other teams within their pool once. The top 2 teams of each pool will qualify for playoffs)


Pool A

1: Pinnacle eSports (2-0)

     Pinnacle eSports is a team that most of us in the community have become familiar with in the past couple months. This team is currently playing in the Playoffs of ESL's Major League, guaranteeing them a Top 4 placing in the biggest league available on Xbox currently and a spot in next season. In a league that was hosted in the past couple months, known as R6TV League, Pinnacle placed 1st place further adding to their list of accomplishments moving forward into UCL.


2: Energized eSports (2-0)

     This is a young squad filled with fiery players looking to make a name for themselves in the scene. They had a good day 1 performance against Flying Ninjas winning the series 2-0 despite  constant lag outs and connection problems. The main strength of this team is that each player has the motivation to prove everyone wrong and come out on top. One of the things to look out for however, is if this squad of players can get along and stay together through troubled times.


3: Authority eSports (1-1)

     Authority eSports is a team that has been slowly building and working their way up the ranks the past couple months. It wasn't until recently that this team has really came out to shine with their new roster. Not much is known about this team but expect them to keep working hard to fight for that Top 2 placing in pools.


4: Take3 Gaming (0-2)

     Take3 put up a fight against Authority eSports day 1 losing 1-2. Week 2 showed the same thing with a tough 1-2 loss to Energized eSports. This roster will not be a Top 2 team in this group but I think they can finish the season out strong.


5: Flying Ninjas (1-1)

     Day 1 did not go to well for this team as they had a frustrating 0-2 loss against Energized eSports after many lag outs and connection issues. Week 2 showed some promise however with a 2-0 victory over Advent eSports. I expect this roster to be in the same boat as Tak3 Gaming and I am excited to see them play each other on the 27th.


6: Advent eSports (0-2)

     A day 1 0-2 loss to Pinnacle showed that Advent just isn't a team capable of competing with a top team like Pinnacle right now. However, the hard part is out of the way and they can turn things around in their future matches.


Pool B (Voted "Pool of Death")

1: sMpL Gaming (2-0)

     sMpL Gaming is a team that has earned a lot of respect in the community since the absence of Pro-League. They were able to break into majors this season and are now competing in playoffs and guaranteed a Top 4 position, as well as a spot in next season. Their strategical play style makes them a deadly team in this group and I think you're just dumb if you don't see them coming out Top 2 in this group. 


2: Prevail (1-1)

     Prevail is a team that many players have become familiar with as of lately. They may not have had their break into Majors, however they had great performances in the R6TV league and are regarded as one of the "Top Teams" by players in the community. They may have had a rocky day 1 start after losing to Nightmare 1-2, however I've seen this team play before and I think that if anyone in this pool can go on a win streak after a loss, it's these guys. That's why I rank these guys 2nd in terms of "power". Even though this team is going to have a tough road ahead to finish Top 2, I think they can do it.


3. Loyalty (2-0)

    Unfortunately nothing is known about this team as they have just taken the spot of Solar who recently disbanded. We'll see how this team performs in the coming weeks.


4. Nightmare (1-1)

     Even though Nightmare had a great day 1 performance against Prevail, winning 2-1, I haven't yet seen enough to know if this team is going to be consistent through the season. Their win against Prevail however has put them into a really good position heading into their future matches now having taken down one of the better teams in this group. On top of that, they have already played sMpL and even though they lost, they now have arguably the easiest road ahead in this pool. Definitely interested in seeing what else these guys bring to the table.


5. Showtime (0-2)

     Showtime's day 1 performance against sMpL definitely wasn't bad, but the 0-2 loss shows that they are going to really need to grind to be able to take down teams like Prevail, Unnamed and Nightmare


6. Market Price (0-2)

     Sadly, we did not get to see a performance by Market Price on day 1 due to their forfeit to Unnamed. We're going to have to wait until we see these guys play to make a good judgment of their "power".


Pool C


1. OneTap (3-0)

     Initially, I had a couple concerns when it came to OneTap. Their last minute adjustments to their roster worried me and I wasn't sure how that would affect their play. Day 1 it definitely showed as they struggled to get on a roll. But now, they are looking like a team that's well practiced and confident. After their win last night against MOAB, I think its a pretty safe bet that this is probably going to be your number 1 seed in this group going into play-offs. 


2. WiLD Gaming (2-0)

     Personally, I do not know much about WiLD Gaming as I have not been able to watch them play. However, I do know that they are 2-0 beating both MOAB and We're Forgotten and that puts them in a great position to finish Top 2 in this pool. 


3. MOAB Gaming (1-2)

     After seeing MOAB play, I really wanted to be able to put them in the Top 2 in terms of power. They showcase lots of talent and seem to have 5 players capable of making plays, but for whatever reason they just are not closing out games like they should be. I'm not sure if its a problem with the team work or strats or maybe some clashing personalities. But all I know is that this team had the potential to finish Top 2 and I don't know if they will be able to do that still.


4. We're Forgotten (1-2)

     This team still has 2 of the toughest matches of the season ahead of them playing MOAB next week and finishing the season against OneTap. The way things are looking, they really need to come out strong or they very well could end up finishing with a poor 1-4 record. I know these guys have the gun skill, now its just time to see if they can make things interesting in this pool.


5. Viscious Gaming (1-2)

     When I look at the bottom 4 teams in this group, I see 4 teams that show potential but cant close it out. I haven't been able to really sit down and analyze each team, but what I can say is that we have 4 teams with 2 losses and anything can happen. Viscious has lost to both MOAB and OneTap in the past couple weeks and they need to put some work in preparation for week 4 to show that they are not just some sub-par team.


6. Synapse ESports (0-2)

     I was pretty impressed with how organized Synapse was Week 1 in their game against OneTap. They showed the qualities of a true team that just needed some polishing. I don't know what's going on with them but they had the potential to fight for a Top 2 spot. However, I'm going to leave them in 6th in terms of power due to the fact that they have 2 losses and are going up against WiLD next who is still undefeated.


Pool D


1. Ex Pandas (2-0)

     If you've been in the scene long enough, then you probably know each of the players on this roster and exactly how good each of them can be. When I looked at this group initially, this team was automatically my number 1 for this pool. The question remains however, if they will take their upcoming matches seriously enough to top Xecution and secure the first place seed heading into playoffs.


2. Xecution (2-0)

     Xecution has made their come-up in the scene in this past Major League season. This was one of the most doubted teams heading into Major League qualifiers and they are now competing in the Finals and very well could be the Major League Season 2 Champs. This is a team that has put in the work and shut everyone up along the way. I think this team will go undefeated until their final game against Ex Pandas. However, if they come out hot and ready to play, they could pull out a perfect season heading into playoffs.


3. oNe (1-1)

     This is arguably one of the most controversial teams in the UCL due to the player claims that this team was going to be one of the best teams on Xbox. After seeing them play, I think they boast some strong gun play and are not afraid to try different strats and pushes. However, I don't think they yet have the ability to beat teams like Xecution or Ex Pandas. I guess we will see if I am right as they play Xecution tonight at 9:00pm EST.


4. Hit Reg (1-1)

     Hit Reg has a tough road ahead as they play both Xecution and Ex Pandas in the next 2 weeks. This team is resilient though and I can see them finishing the season 2-3. I still love you Glen!


5. Storm Gaming (0-2)

     Storm Gaming has been hit HARD in the beginning of the season playing Ex Pandas and Xecution back to back. We need to see if their momentum has been crushed or if they will bounce back and finish the regular season strong.


6. Sassy eSports (0-2)

     Things have not looked good for Sassy with losses to both Xecution and Hit Reg. They simply need to step it up in all aspects to avoid finishing last in this group.

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