The Tier 2 Store Package almost every item you can currently purchase at Tier 1 Apparel. It provides you your own online store where your fans and members can purchase your custom apparel and merchandise. On top of all that, you earn a percentage of all 3rd party sales from your store as well as a percentage of all 3rd party sales througout the site when they use your own public discount code! When it comes to growing your brand and earning extra revenue, its no question that the Tier 2 Store Package is your go-to!


(All previous & future design purchases will be added to your store automatically)


This package includes all of the following:


  • 1x Short-Sleeve Jersey Design

  • 2x T-Shirt Designs

  • 2x Long Sleeve Shirt Designs

  • 1x Hoodie Design

  • 1x Sweatshirt Design

  • 1x Tank-Top Design

  • 1x Baseball Tee Design

  • 1x Full-Zip Hoodies Design

  • 1x Basketball Shorts Design

  • 1x Sweatpants Design

  • 1x Polo Shirt Design

  • Personalized Online Store

  • 20% Personal Discount Code

  • 5% Public Discount Code of Your Choosing

  • 15% of All Profits Made From 3rd Party Purchases On Your Online Store

  • 5% of All Profits Made From 3rd Party Purchases Using Your Public Discount Code Throughout The Site

  • Opportunity to upgrade to the Tier 1 Store Package for free with 35+ Sales

Tier 2 Store Package

$80.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • *This does not include any physical products. This only contains designs and digital content*