Support Tier 1 Apparel

After tons of positive feedback and community support, Tier 1 is looking to expand! We constantly work to provide the best line of custom products and services to our customers. However, we are now in a position where we need more space and equipment to do this. That is why we are calling on YOU, our supporters and loyal customers, to join us in raising the funds necessarily in order for us to expand into a space that fits our needs. We will be raising $20,000 over the coming days through crowdfunding and investments to make the Tier 1 "Headquarters" become a reality. And of course, we will return the generosity to our supporters!

This space, the Tier 1 Headquarters, will house industry leading technology that will allow us to keep up with high demand while continuing to produce products at the highest quality, as well as DRASTICALLY expanding our line of custom products. Not only will the Tier 1 Headquarters serve as a place to manufacture products, but it will also serve as a creative space to allow our team to create cultivating content for our supporters. With this also comes the possibility of bringing in other content creators and influencers to collaborate with us here at Tier 1 to bring you special content. If you couldn't tell, we are beyond excited about the possibility of expanding into a bigger space but there are just too many possibilities to talk about, so we've listed all the possibilities below!

- Embroidered Hats, Tees, Bags, Patches, etc.

- Daily video and social media content

- Podcast, Vlogs, Q&A, and other shenanigans

- Product modeling and cinematography

- Sublimated Mugs, Water Bottles, Posters, Lanyards, etc.

- Massive varieties of clothing

- More design freedom

- Full graphical and editing services

- Ability to print ANYTHING

- Paid Influencer and Content Creator Endorsements & Sponsorships

- Paid esports Endorsements and Sponsorships

- Daily blogs and written content

- Event hosting and Sponsorships

To help support us in our quest of raising the money to expand, you can purchase a support package above which will include an exclusive shirt and lanyard to show our thanks